Andy Linton





Concur, an SAP Company

Software Design Engineer


Skills/Tools: Full-stack development using Java, JavaScript, SQL Server, Couchbase, C#


Implemented numerous features in Concur’s core expense reporting SaaS product.

Gathered requirements, determined technical design, and implemented components in all tiers (db views and procs, Java middle tier classes, browser JavaScript and HTML)


Implemented connectors between Concur’s expense product and third party accounting systems via REST services.

Extended code base to support additional accounting packages.


Refactored legacy monolith application into microservices to enable greater agility.

Implemented modern Java language features (lambdas, streams)

Introduced modern frameworks and tools (Spring Boot, Docker, Vagrant)

Migrated data from SQL server to Couchbase.


Modernized UI replacing ASP.NET/EXT JS with Node/React



Software Design Engineer II

12/04 – 6/13

Skills/Tools: C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Azure, SQL Server


Team: Microsoft Learning Platform Services Group


Project: MLX (Modern Learning eXperience)


Description: MLX is Microsoft’s next generation online education platform. It delivers courses, videos and assessments to learners. It contains administrative functionality to enable administrators to manage learners in their organization and provision learning materials to them.



Developer on the web, middle and service tiers.



Modern web application based on the “one-page” architecture.


Windows Azure

SQL Azure

JavaScript, jQuery, KnockoutJS

PowerShell cmdlets for deployment


Project: Data Integration Toolkit



Developed data quality system to improve MSL and partner databases. System provides analysis of data quality metrics and supports improvement of business processes.



Lead developer



C#, MAF, Unity Framework, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services


Project: Microsoft Learning Facebook app


Description: Facebook app to integrate MSFT technology reputation with FB social graph


Project: CFX


Description: Consolidated multiple on-premise databases to centralized SQL Azure cloud db.


Role: Developer



C#, SQL Server ETL


Project: Unified Viewer


Description: Modernized virtual lab UI by porting to


Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery.


Team: adCenter


Project: Client Center Middle Tier




Design, development and testing of middle tier components implementing the business logic for the adCenter online advertising platform.

Translated PM design specs into functional specs through analysis of business requirements and implementation of sound software engineering principles e.g. design patterns, domain driven design, test driven development.

Worked closely with UI and DB developers to ensure that functional and performance requirements are met and that application tier are properly integrated.

Development of end-to-end test automation harness to verify the proper integration and performance of the numerous components in the adCenter system.

Performance testing of the adCenter system including development of client harnesses, testing and running tests, investigating bottlenecks, designing fixes.

Development of UI test automation harness to consisting of a WinForm app hosting an IE ActiveX control to enable the testing of AJAX/JavaScript functionality.

Interoperability testing of adCenter API with non-MS languages (Java, PHP, etc) via the creation of API clients in non-MS languages.



C#, SQL Server






Java, C#, JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, PowerShell



Couchbase, Mongo, MS SQL, MySql, SQL Azure, AWS S3, Ibatis



AWS, Azure, Heroku



Spring, .NET, Node, Express, Mongoose, ASP.NET MVC



React, JSX, Redux, Bootstrap, Babel, Browserify, webpack, Gulp, jQuery, KnockoutJS, EXT JS


TEST FRAMEWORKS              

Junit, Mockito, Jasmine, MSTest                        



IntelliJ, WebStorm, Visual Studio, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, GitHub, JIRA, Kubernetes, Pager Duty


Haydrian Corporation

System Integration Engineer

5/04 – 12/04



Visual Studio .NET, C#, Java, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql


Design, development and testing of anti-money-laundering software marketed to financial institutions.

Development of smart client applications using C#.

Development of web services using C# and Java.

Design of database schemas for Oracle and MySql.

Development of software for monitoring and managing remote server installs.

Researched and implemented the integration of open source code into company products.



Software Design Engineer (Contractor with Volt Technical Services)

Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) project

9/03 – 5/04



Visual Studio .NET, C#, EJB, RMI, CORBA, JDBC, SQL Server, Maddog, Product Studio



The Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) is an add-in for Visual Studio that converts Java language source code to C#. The tool parses the Java source, analyzes the program structure, and outputs C# code that most closely duplicates the functionality and structure of the original code.


Design, development and testing of the JLCA with particular responsibility for the RMI, CORBA and EJB areas of Java.

Preparation and review of design specifications for mapping between Java and C# code.

Creation and review of test plans and testcases.

Creation of real world scenarios Java applications; conversion of these applications to C# including making necessary manual changes to make them functional in .NET. 

Designing, implementing and maintaining automated tests using Maddog and various drivers including Managed Language driver and MAUI driver

Testing JLCA to discover bugs. Investigation of bugs using Java and C# documentation to document proper expected JLCA behavior. Management of bugs using Product Studio. Verification of bug fixes.




Software Engineer (Consultant)

5/03 – 9/03


Project: Integrated Data Systems


Technologies: Visual Studio .NET, C#, ASP, Java, JSP, JavaScript

Verity develops search technology for the corporate market. Verity’s professional services group customizes their products to meet customer needs by connecting the Verity search engine to client’s data stores as well as constructing custom user interfaces.


Verity serves as a subcontractor to Integrated Data Systems who are constructing a data management system for the Defense Intelligence Agency.


Design, development and testing of a web service interface for the Verity K2 search product. This interface was developed in Java using JAXRPC and deployed on a Tomcat application server. 


Conversion of query wizard user interface from ASP to JSP.



Cambridge Technology Partners

Senior Consultant, (Functional Title: Lead Software Engineer)



Project: General Dynamics                                                                                      



Description: CTP is a subcontractor to General Dynamics in the construction of a KMI (key management infrastructure) for the Department of Defense (DoD). This is a web-based system to provide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services to the DoD. The project involves integrating custom J2EE software deployed on BEA WebLogic with COTS products including Certificate Authorities, Access Control products, Attack Sensing and Warning systems, Security Management products, E-commerce packages, Content Management products, Directories, Databases in a hybrid Win2K/Sun Solaris operating environment.


Technologies: Java, J2EE, WebLogic, SOAP, Web Services


Technical Lead on application track providing technical leadership to various business/technical units of client. 

Management and mentoring of junior developers.

Preparation of project plans, allocation of work to team members, supervision of project progress, preparation of reports to project manager.

Design and coding of Java middleware components including session EJBs and data access objects. Also developed web tier components (JSPs and servlets) and client tier Java applets.

Developed highly secure code incorporating SSL, certificates, and smart cards. Used public key encryption to generate and verify signatures for data such as SOAP documents via java security packages and various third party products.

Integrated J2EE and .NET components via web services. Developed complex SOAP schemas incorporating multiple data and security blocks.

Gathered system requirements, developed system architecture and prepared system design documents using Rational Rose, Visio and Word.

Unit test and software integration


Project: Paymentech                                                                                                 


Technologies: Java, J2EE, WebLogic, Oracle



Paymentech is a financial institution that acts as a middleman between merchants that accept credit cards and the banks that issue the cards. Paymentech allows merchants to obtain funds quicker and with lower fees by processing and packaging large quantities of credit card transactions. In order to this the system needs to process large amounts of financial information quickly and accurately.

The project comprised replacing an old system written in an Informix 4GL language with a new system written in Java on a J2EE compliant BEA WebLogic application server. Oracle 8i was the database used. The new system incorporates many enhancements requested by the user and interfaces with several legacy systems and features a Web enabled user interface.

Lead developer on the application track working closely with client on all phases leading up to roll-out.  

Management and mentoring of junior developers.

Preparation of project plans, allocation of work to team members, supervision of project progress, preparation of reports to project manager.

Development of J2EE middleware to process customer credit card submission data and calculate appropriate fees.

Expertise using Borland JBuilder Enterprise Edition to code Java entity beans and session beans as well as data objects and data access objects.

Determine user requirements and business processes based on usecase sessions with endusers.

Preparation of object design using Rational Rose.

Participate in design sessions and code reviews as a presenter and reviewer.

Testing of program modules. Development of test clients to assist in debugging and unit testing.


Project: Vodafone                                                                                                         



Technologies:  Java, ATG Dynamo



The project was portal for Vodafone’s wireless phone customers that provided a consistent and customized source of information could be accessed via PC or wireless phone.

The project was developed in Java on ATG Dynamo application server. The database was Oracle 8.

Development Dynamo Server Pages and Java beans for deployment on ATG Dynamo using Borland JBuilder 3.5 Professional

Development of servlets for deployment on Apache JServ to produce reports for system managers.


InterQuest, Inc.

Software Engineer

6/98-6/00 (full-time)


Project: MyCruiter

Technologies:  .NET, C#, Java, J2EE, Oracle ,Java, Perl, C++



MyCruiter is a specialized search engine which extracts job data from corporate web pages, indexes it, and make it available to end users to query.  The system’s middleware is implemented via J2EE components including servlets and EJBs hosted on Oracle Application Server 9i. Oracle 9i database is also used.


I have developed a new front-end client written in C# to the existing MyCruiter backend system. This was done because the native Windows APIs allow a faster and more attractive GUI than the existing Java Swing Applet user interface.


Although the front-end has been changed to use Microsoft technologies, the middleware remained unchanged using J2EE and Oracle technologies respectively. This decision was based on the proven performance and economy of server-side Java as well as the fact that .dot net Server is not yet available.


Development of Windows Forms front-end GUI using C# and Visual Studio.

Creation of compatible web services to communicate between a Windows .NET front-end client and J2EE middleware.

Management of other technical personnel

Lead role in developing Java servlets, applets and applications using Borland JBuilder 3.5.

Created robot program to search the Web for job data by recursively searching Web pages starting from a root URL. Program was implemented using Java servlets and Perl.  Search parameters include maximum number of pages, tree depth, and text required on page.

Developed Oracle database to store job data collected from the Internet. Web page text is indexed by common search keywords in order to speed subsequent searches. Designed tables and indexes for optimal speed and normalization.

Developed Java applet for users to access job data stored in Oracle database. Implemented using Java Swing in order to provide a fully functional and attractive user interface including tabbed panels and tree controls. Utilizes threads so that interface remains responsive while searches and updates are in progress.





Master of Business Administration                                                                                    




Bachelors of Arts                                                                                                                 


Major: Economics – Concentration in: Mathematics and Computer Science




Security Clearance